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7 Things Every Makeup Artist Wishes Their Clients Knew!

July 25, 2017
7 Things Every Makeup Artist Wishes Their Clients Knew!

Or at least…7 things I personally wish my clients knew when they booked their appointment with me! 😃

1 – We want you to be 100% happy

I honestly do not want you to leave my chair until you LOVE your makeup.

Sometimes I get it perfect on the first try.

Often I need to get some more info from you along the way to make sure we’re on the same page.

Sometimes it takes a few tweaks at the end, but I would honestly rather spend that extra 10 minutes with you to make it 100% perfect than rush off. Call me a perfectionist but it’s true!

2 – We love pictures and mood boards

This goes along with being on the same page. What many clients would deem a ‘smokey eye’ is not what I initially think of.

There are so many terms in the industry – smokey eye, natural look, glowy, etc. – that are batted around, yet are all SO subjective and completely open to interpretation.

This is why I love my clients to have a Pinterest board or pictures saved on their phone of makeup looks they love. Not only so they can be clear on what they like, but also so I have a good feel for the type of makeup look they want.

Some people love a full face of glam, some prefer a really light, glowy foundation to pair with their smokey eye. Some people want sculpted brows, some prefer me to leave theirs completely natural. It’s all so subjective, and pictures help me deliver the look that you envision in your head!

3 – We want you to feel like yourself

Okay, so everyone’s work and style is so different. My personal makeup mantra is that makeup should enhance your natural beauty.

Every woman is beautiful, and I think some special touches here and there just bring that inner beauty to the surface – whether it’s making your eye colour sparkle, making your beautiful freckled skin glow – taking your favourite features and making them even more eye catching.

Which is why I always want my clients to feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.

ESPECIALLY on your wedding day or for a special event – you should feel like yourself. I don’t want makeup to be a mask, or a ‘one size fits all’ look that is painted on from an Instagram post. Even if a client loves a particular photograph, I will always tweak that look slightly to fit their personal face shape, skin type, etc.

4 – We love honest feedback

This is another thing I stress to brides. Honest feedback is crucial, particularly at the trial and for first time clients. Many of my regular clients trust me to do whatever look I feel is best for their occasion, because that trust has been established over several appointments. They know they’ll like it whatever colours I use, or eyeshadow shape I apply.

However, I know for new clients that trust isn’t there yet, which is why I always have ‘checkpoints’ and encourage new clients to speak up throughout the appointment. Please don’t think I’ll be offended or feel like you can’t voice your opinion.

Not only does it ensure you are 100% satisfied with the service, it allows me to improve as an artist as I’m constantly learning and growing.

5 – We want you fresh faced

If I had a penny for every time a client has APOLOGISED for presenting me with their bare face, I’d be retiring in a few years!

First of all – I see so many women with makeup-less faces. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way – whatever their skin tone, skin type, face shape. Whether they have dark circles, acne, scars, whatever. It’s all part and parcel of being human and doesn’t take away from your beauty. 💗

Secondly – I much prefer you to turn up with a gorgeously fresh, clean, moisturised face. It saves a lot of time at the beginning of the appointment which means more time for your consultation and makeup application – sometimes, that 5 minutes saved at the beginning can be crucial at the end if you’re tight for time and want an extra finishing touch.

So yes – please embrace your natural, naked face and allow me to apply all the makeup! 😉

(The only time I’d say was an exception is sometimes brides like to turn up to their trial with a face of makeup – as then they can instantly communicate to me how much they normally wear. As the trial appointment is double the time of a standard occasion appointment, the extra time for removal isn’t a problem!)

6 – The more info the better

I love it when a new client is so prepared for their appointment. She has her makeup bag out with all her favourites ready to show me, she has a lipstick picked out to wear, she has pictures on her phone, she tells me what her skin type is, what her skincare routine is like, any skin concerns she has.

Of course not everyone is like that and that’s fine – that’s what the initial consultation is for. But don’t feel like any information is too much. In fact, some information like allergies and skin issues are crucial to disclose, so please give as much info as possible. It’s all an important part of creating your bespoke look that’s right for you, your preferences and your individual skincare and makeup concerns.

7 – Plan for touch ups

Thanks to the amazing products in my kit and a few industry tips and tricks, your makeup will last as long as you do. However, it’s always best to plan for a few touch ups and pack a few key items in your clutch bag.


After eating and drinking, your lipstick will have come off. The types of lip products that last through eating or drinking I find can wear off a bit funny looking, so I don’t stock or use them in my kit. If a client wants to wear a liquid lipstick or longwear stain, etc. that’s absolutely fine and I usually apply their own with my lip brush.

However, for most ladies, I recommend we match the lip colour I’m using at the appointment with a similar one in your makeup bag. That way, you can bring it with you to re-apply after you’ve had a bite to eat.


I’ve never had a client report back that they were shiny at the end of the night – so 90% of people shouldn’t have to worry too much about this. However, if you do find you get a shinier T-Zone (mainly people who have combination skin like myself or oily skin) – it’s always a good idea to pack a pressed powder in your bag. Especially for longer events like a wedding or daytime party, sometimes it’s nice to re-mattify the skin a little bit for photographs, after you’ve been out in the sun or dancing!

Just make sure that the powder photographs well under flash photography – check for Titanium Dioxide or anything with HD in the name. If in doubt show me before I leave!

I hope any client reading this, past, current or future, will find it helpful when coming to their makeup appointment.

If you are looking to book me for your special event or occasion (I’m based in Bolton and mobile across the North West), please head to my contact page and let me know the details, including the date and location. I will get back to you ASAP with my availability.

Love, Kat x

Photography by Anthony Higginson

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