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Beauty Tips For Brides To Be!

May 31, 2017
Mobile Wedding Makeup Artist Bolton

Beauty Tips For Brides

Following your makeup trial, here are some top tips for the big day, to ensure you look and feel your best!

  • If you haven’t already, trial any beauty treatments you plan on having (tan, brow wax, lash extensions, etc.) to make sure they’re the exact look you want. It’s advisable not to try any new beauty treatments and/or products the week leading up to your wedding, as you risk having a reaction or breakout!
  • Please book these treatments a few days before your wedding date, to ensure your makeup application is perfect on the day – waxing and other treatments can produce swelling/redness and irritation, so it’s best to allow the skin at least 24-48 hours to calm down.
  • Look after your skin and, if possible, treat yourself to a facial or two in the weeks/months leading up to your wedding. This will mean your skin looks even more flawless on the day. You may also want to head to one of your favourite skincare brands to get a consultation and address any specific skincare concerns (e.g. dryness, breakouts, etc.) you may have. Drink loads of water, keep up your skincare routine and get lots of sleep.
  • Please notify myself or your makeup artist of any allergies, sensitives or skin conditions that arise, that we haven’t previously talked about at your trial.
  • Remember to pack any specific products you want to use (e.g. sensitive skincare products) on the day. Also, don’t forget to leave your lipstick of choice and powder compact with your chief bridesmaid if you want to touch up throughout the day.

Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions or queries relating to wedding makeup! If you’d like to enquire about your wedding day, please see my price list here and fill in a contact form.

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