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Bridal Makeup Tips For Your Wedding Day!

March 2, 2017
Bridal Makeup Tips For Your Wedding Day

Bridal Makeup Tips

If you’re thinking about doing your own makeup for the big day, I hope these tips help you out in putting your look together.

This advice also applies to anyone in the bridal party – bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and even if you’re just attending a wedding and want to look your best for the photographs.

Avoid Trends

As much as I love having fun with the latest trends, it’s always best to keep it classic for a wedding. The looks that are trending today might seem like the ultimate makeup style, but in 10, 20, 30 years time they may look dated, overdone or just plain odd!

Just look at pictures of yourself 10 years ago – would you still wear your hair and makeup like that now? As most people probably cringe when they look at these pictures, I rest my case!

Save your fun, experimental looks and the latest trends for any other day of the year. But on your wedding day, try to keep your look soft and classic. A natural look that enhances your best features will always be in style.

Stay True To Your Signature Look

That being said, you should stay true to yourself. My aim/mission when working with clients is I want them to feel like the best version of themselves!

So if you’ve worn red lipstick every day since you can remember, or don’t feel right leaving the house without a cat eye liner, you should absolutely wear that look on your special day.

Focus On Definition

Defining your features should be the focus of your wedding makeup, regardless of what specific look you’re going for. Even the most natural makeup needs definition, as you want your features to be beautifully defined in all your photographs. You can achieve this definition by paying attention to each aspect of your face.

Make sure you have some sort of deeper eyeshadow or eyeliner lining your eyes – even if it’s a soft brown shadow smudged across the lash line, it will make a huge difference to how striking your eyes look.

Lipliner is great to define your natural lip shape before applying your lipstick. Blend with your finger if you want a softer look.

Finally, don’t neglect the cheekbones. A natural shade of matte bronzer blended across the high points of the face, and a soft, complimentary blusher that suits your skin tone will brighten your complexion and define your bone structure.

Avoid SPF

I won’t be giving too many specific product recommendations in this article, as every one’s skin tone and personal style is so different for their wedding. One thing I will say is make sure all your skincare and makeup products contain little to no SPF.

Most SPFs flash back white in flash photography, as the ingredients reflect light. This means your hard work can be ruined and you’ll end up looking like a ghost in photographs – your body will be a completely different shade to your face!

To make sure this doesn’t happen, take several pictures of your makeup using your phone or digital camera – making sure the flash is on. If you find the flash back appears, check your products for SPF and consider trying an alternative. My favourite foundation for photography and weddings is Illamasqua Skin Base – it looks lovely on the skin, lasts all day and photographs beautifully.

*Of course – many photographers don’t use flash. So be sure to check with yours if you’re set on a specific product and worried about how it will photograph.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Don’t leave it till the last minute to decide on your look. In the months leading up to your wedding, have a look at magazines or Pinterest for inspiration, and purchase any special products you want to use.

Give yourself longer than usual to go step by step through the look, and take your time, making sure you blend well. Take lots of pictures with and without flash – this will help you remember the look for the day, as well as show you how the makeup will appear in photographs. You could even note down the products you’ve used, along with each step.

This will ensure you can have fun and relax getting ready on the day, without adding any extra stress to what can already be a hectic day.

Set & Perfect Makeup

To ensure your makeup looks great all day, you need to prime and set it well. Face and eyeshadow primers help product adhere to the skin, and reduce the chance of smudging, creasing and fading. This paired with a good setting powder to press over your foundation and a setting spray (Urban Decay make a great one) will mean your makeup looks perfect for 12+ hours.

You might want to consider giving your lipstick and a compact powder to your chief bridesmaid, or popping it in your clutch if you have one. Eating, drinking (and kissing!) will fade away your lipstick after a couple of hours, and your skin may start to shine in the t-zone if you’ve been dancing or it’s a sunny day. A quick touch up will refresh your makeup in minutes.

So those are my top tips for brides, bridesmaids and anyone wanting to look their best for a wedding. If you’re set on doing your own makeup, I hope they help!

However, if all this feels too much for you, treat yourself to a professional makeover and let me do all the hard work for you! You can enquire about wedding bookings here.

Photograph by Emmylou Kelly.

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