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Your Bridal Makeup Trial – Tips From A Wedding Makeup Artist!

May 19, 2017
Bridal Makeup Artist Bolton

To all my bridal clients – past, future and present – Congratulations and thank you so much for booking me as your makeup artist.

Today, I wanted to share some more information on the makeup trial, so you can ensure you get the most value out of it and leave perfectly happy with your look for the special day!

I love doing a bride’s makeup trial. It’s a chance for us to meet, for you to tell me all about your wedding and for me to figure out your personal style – so I can perfectly tailor your makeup look on the day. Here are a few things to consider leading up to your appointment:

I love photos!

It’s so easy for us to be on the same page if we have visuals to look at together. Have a look on Google, Pinterest or in your favourite magazines and find some makeup looks you like. I have a board especially for bridal makeup inspiration if you want to take a look here.

I also love to see pictures of your dress, theme, colours and anything else that you’re inspired by!

Wear white

If possible, wear a plain white top. You’d be amazed at how white completely changes your look. Wearing it at the trial will give you more of an overall look at how your makeup will work with the dress.

BYOB (bring your own beauty products!)

It’s great to have your daily makeup bag handy on the day. This is so I can get an idea for how much you like to wear, what you’re comfortable with and any signature colours/products you love. It’s also important that if you have any specific skincare products you like to use (e.g. if your skin is very sensitive) you have them with you for me to use as well.

Setting up for your trial

I always like to book trials early in the day where possible, as natural light is best to apply makeup in. Please have a think about the best place in your house to sit for your trial. Anywhere near a window is great, and bonus points if there is access to a table, as I have lots of products to lay out to show you and use.

Beauty treatments

We will have a chat about beauty treatments, but you may want to try them before your makeup trial, so you have a better idea of how it all looks paired together. Things like spray tans, brow treatments, etc. can completely change your makeup, and seeing your finished look will re-assure you that everything is perfect and ready to go for the day.

And finally…

The most important thing at your trial is that you relax, have fun and be honest! I need to know exactly how you want to look down to the very last detail. So please don’t hesitate to give as much information as you can, give me feedback along the way and ask me for any tweaks that you want to change. Feel free to invite a family member or friend – but only if you want to!

I really hope this was helpful for all the bride-to-be’s reading! If you’re interested in booking a makeup trial or want to enquire about your wedding, please head to the contact page and fill in a booking form. For information on pricing click here. For previous bridal pictures and testimonials head to my Facebook page.

Beautiful photo of my bridal client Sarah by Matt Horan

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