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Makeup is not One Size Fits All

August 27, 2017
Makeup is not One Size Fits All

Makeup is not ‘One Size Fits All’

I’m always pleased to hear positive feedback from clients – but particularly when it’s specific to something I’m really passionate about providing in my service.

Each woman I work with is so unique in her own way – her skin tone, her eye shape, the way she does her hair, her attitude, her smile. We all have different aspects of ourselves that we love to play up. We all have those little touches that give us a pep in our step getting ready for a big event – our go-to look, our favourite colours or a bit of sparkle!

So when it comes to my service as a makeup artist, I cannot and will not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It just doesn’t work.

This is why I love to consult with my clients both before and during their makeup appointment.

There is no template ‘look’ that I follow, or step by step guide with specific products on hand.

Yes, I could save myself a lot of time doing so, but I’d be sacrificing the very thing I love about makeup. Which is sitting in front of the mirror and thinking…

“How can I bring out more of ME today?”

Or, when it comes to working with clients…

“How can I bring out the unique features of this lady, whilst delivering the perfect look she has in mind?”

“What tools, colours and techniques are going to make this client’s confidence and personality shine bright at their event?”

My job is to create a bespoke look for each person who sits in my chair, so when she looks in the mirror at the end her eyes light up and she feels like the best version of herself.

This whole post was sparked after a lovely bride-to-be who has booked with me for 2018 mentioned in her email enquiry…

“I think the makeup you do is beautiful and really enhances all the different ladies’ beauty!”

I cannot tell you how much that message made me smile! It is truly what I set out to achieve when I started this business 4 years ago – because I believe every woman is beautiful, makeup just emphasises that.

To hear that’s what people see when they come to my website or my Facebook page lights me up. 💗

Thanks for reading. As always, if you’d like to book in for your wedding or special occasion, please get in touch!

I’m now taking bookings for 2018 Weddings, as well as Christmas and New Year party season. Book today to avoid disappointment, it’s never too early to secure your date and time in the diary.

Kat x

Photograph by Emmylou Kelly 

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