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My Pro Makeup Kit Essentials

June 14, 2017
Pro makeup kit essentials

Today I wanted to share some favourite products from my professional makeup kit, as it’s probably my number one most asked question from clients and friends!

I am VERY fussy when it comes to kit products. I will try almost anything on myself, but products have to be a certain standard to make it onto a client’s face! These are just a few things that have earnt my seal of approval over the years.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I feel like I should try other Setting sprays as there are so many now they’ve made it into the mass market of Boots and Superdrug brands! But this is one of the originals and the best. I don’t leave a client without giving them a spritz of this! Not only does it lock makeup in place, it keeps skin looking fresh and hydrated even after an all day/night event where lots of dancing and alcohol has likely occurred! 🍸 it’s like an insurance policy for makeup.

Mac Patisserie Lipstick

This shade is a definite favourite amongst bridal and occasion clients. It’s just a lovely soft neutral shade that flatters all skin tones and is comfortable and moisturising to wear. It’s one of the only lipsticks I’ve had to replace more than once, I go through it that often!

Maybelline Gel Liner

Again, there are hundreds of gel liners I could – and have – tried on the market from more expensive brands. As good as they are, they don’t beat Maybelline, and for half the price it still is on par with them in terms of quality, pigment and longevity. Inky black, easy to use (especially with an angled brush for wings) and never smudges or flakes. The only issue is getting it off at the end of the night, it’s that long wearing!

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

One thing I’m very passionate about investing in is skin. It’s probably the most important aspect of a makeup for me. Everyone wants their skin to look natural, glowing and flawless. Hydra Veil is an amazing base for foundation. Super soothing, hydrating and plumping for the skin, it gives you this glow that you can’t always achieve with some primers. I am much more a fan of hydrating primers, then using powder as a mattifier. Unless you’re excessively oily (in which case try Matte Veil!) but for everyone else – particularly those with dry or dehydrated skin or those seeking that ‘glow’ – Hydra Veil is a wonder product!

Have you tried any of these? I’d love to know what your top makeup products are at the moment – what are you loving?! Let me know in a comment! 💕

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Thanks for reading. 😊
Kat x

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