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Makeup Lessons

1-on-1 Makeup Lessons Bolton

Learn my top tips and tricks to apply your makeup like a pro!

Want to master a new look? Feel more confident applying your own makeup? Want to take your skills to the next level? Then my makeup lessons are for you!

I provide tailor made one-to-one lessons that focus on anything and everything you want to know.

This is your chance to pick my brain and find out the insider secrets to achieving flawless makeup every time.

Kat Horrocks Makeup

Examples of lessons include a beginner’s guide to makeup, DIY Bridal makeup and a step by step masterclass on perfect smokey eyes.

I also provide party and hen night packages, which would be a lovely treat for a birthday girl or bride-to-be before a girl’s night out!

We can have a play with your makeup stash as well as my professional kit, I’ll give you advice on application and can recommend other products suitable for your style, budget and skin type.

My aim is to make sure you’re relaxed, ask me any questions you have, learn loads of tricks and of course have a great time! I explain the steps and show you the technique, then give you the opportunity to have a go yourself. Practice makes perfect after all!

For more information and to enquire about your bespoke lesson, get in touch today and I’ll get back to you ASAP.