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My Skincare Routine: Going Back to Basics

September 29, 2016
Basic Skincare Routine

Updated, Simple Skincare Routine!

It can be very easy as a beauty blogger to get swept up in all the latest products. Especially when it comes to skincare, as they’re always seems to be something new and innovative coming to the market that promises faster and better results than the previous month’s releases!

Recently, I have enjoyed keeping it really simple when it comes to my skincare, and going back to basics with the products I know work well for me and my skin type.

FYI – My skin is Normal-Combo – I get an oily t-zone, can be dry/dehydrated/eczema prone in Winter in certain areas, and I get the occasional hormonal breakout.

Hot Cloth Cleansers & Cleansing Balm

If I can’t massage a cleanser in and scrub it off with a hot, steamy muslin cloth I’m just not interested! Nothing foamy, gel-textured or dare I say it…oil free. No, just gentle, basic ingredient cream/balm cleansers that don’t strip my skin and leave it feeling clean, makeup free and supple.

My favourites: Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, The Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Cleansing Balm*, Tropic Smoothing Cleanser, Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

Plain Ol’, 100% Pure Coconut Oil

This is a controversial one as I know Coconut Oil blocks the pores, although some people rave about it as a moisturiser! Personally, I find it best for removing makeup, as a little goes along way and it has loads of slip to it when it melts to a liquid – so you can massage off every scrap of makeup without irritating your eyes. Even waterproof mascara and liner is easily melted off with this. For me, it’s a natural, affordable way to remove makeup before my cleanser.

Simple, Lightweight Moisturisers

Day to day I do love wearing a lot of makeup, and often find if my moisturiser is too rich my foundation is trickier to blend. During the day, I love a basic moisturiser that will just lightly hydrate my skin and provide a non-greasy base for makeup. I save my targeted, heavy duty products for night time. In Winter it tends to be a moisturiser containing SPF15 or just without; in Summer it tends to be a high face SPF used alone as moisturiser.

My favourites: Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser, Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid SPF50, Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser SPF15

Facial Oils

For a while, I’ve completely skipped night cream in favour of a generous helping of facial oil. You could definitely do both, but I feel a few drops of oil massaged in is plenty hydration for me. They help repair my skin overnight, fade pigmentation, heal blemishes and just generally make me look better the morning after!

My favourites: Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate, Boots Botanics Organic Facial Oil, Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil, Decleor Ylang Ylang Purifying Serum, MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil*

Glycolic Toner

I’ve learned to approach this one with caution, as over use of this kinda thing can do more harm than good to my skin. However, once a week or so using the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fax Daily Cleansing Pads at night really helps refresh and rejuvenate my skin. I particularly love this when I’m having a crappy skin week, as using this once brings a noticeable difference the days following application. Spots and blemishes are healing, makeup applies smoother and my complexion looks brighter.

And there we have it! 4 everyday products, 1 weekly product and that’s pretty much it. Yes, occasionally I will get to try a sample of something, or if I feel my skin needs a pamper I will use a face mask. But in general, especially during the week, I keep it very simple. My skin has thanked me for it, and I get to spend much longer using the products in my routine effectively. If you’ve never tried massaging your cleanser in for a full minute before removing it, I highly recommend you give it a go – it makes a huge difference. Likewise with your facial oil at night – treat your face and neck to a lovely massage and reap the benefits of just one product.

Do you like to keep your skincare routine simple like me? Or are there any products you LOVE that I’m seriously missing out on?


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