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Wedding Skincare Tips for Brides!

March 16, 2017
Wedding Skincare Tips for Brides

 Wedding Skincare Tips for Brides!

A lot of brides share skincare and skin-related concerns with me at the trial. So today I thought I’d share my top wedding skincare tips if you’re a bride-to-be. If you can start doing these tips ASAP – the sooner, the better, particularly if you use them leading up to the trial and the big day itself – you should notice a huge, positive difference in your skin.

And beautiful skin makes makeup look even more beautiful and natural, so you can feel 100% confident with your final look.


Whatever your age, skin type, skin concern – hydration is so important to keeping your skin plump, soft and supple. Make sure you’re sipping on water throughout the day, and enjoying things like herbal tea or fruit infusions if you don’t love the taste of plain water. It’s a cliche but it’s true, and this should be the first place you look at if you’re struggling with your skin.


Likewise, a healthy, balanced diet can do wonders for your complexion. There’s no one perfect diet for everyone to follow, but making sure you’re including good sources of everything you need, but particularly healthy fats and of course all your vitamins and minerals in your 5 a day!

On a similar note, many foods and other lifestyle factors can have a negative impact on the skin. I personally don’t have experience with food intolerances, but many people report the foods they’re intolerant to can aggravate their skin concerns – so it’s worth speaking to a health professional if you think that might be the cause.

Skincare Routine

A solid skincare routine that’s suitable for your skin type, done consistently morning and night, is the best thing you can do for your skin topically. There’s no one fancy cream or magic mask you can use that will just fix everything. It’s looking after your skin day in day out, that over time will help it look and feel its best.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your brands to find the products that work for you – many sales assistants will have you believe you have to use all of their range for any product to be effective, but that’s rarely the case and is often a marketing ploy.

First, identify your skin type (I already have a blogpost on that) and other skin concerns you have. And then begin to research products that are made for your skin. Google everything, read as man y reviews you can and ask (non biased) experts wherever possible. Caroline Hirons’ blog is an invaluable resource I send everyone to.

I can do a separate blogpost all about my skin type and my favourite products if you’d like, just let me know!

Pamper your skin

Take the time at least once a fortnight, preferably once a week, for extra treatments. Not only is this the perfect way to relax and get away from the stresses of ‘wedmin’ (wedding admin), it also does wonders for your skin. Treatment products and masks can really help alleviate some of your skincare concerns – clay masks can tighten your pores and help reduce breakouts, whilst moisture masks add brightness and hydration to dull or dehydrated skin.

Don’t be afraid to get some help

If you really struggle with your skin, don’t be afraid to seek the help of a professional. Our skin is our largest organ, so more often than not we can’t fix a problem overnight. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from a dermatologist, facialists and other skincare professionals, as many skin conditions are more complex and need professional guidance to get to the bottom of and treat.

Of course, be cautious of the person’s credentials – make sure they’re fully qualified to be giving you advice and research them – read testimonials and find out if they represent, work for or sell a certain brand, as sadly that makes a lot of people biased and limited in what products they can recommend to you.

I hope these tips have helped you out if you’re a bride to be and want beautiful, glowing skin on your wedding day. Of course these tips apply year round, but I’d say my main skin complaints come from brides conscious of being photographed and wanting to look their absolute best!

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