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Winter Skincare Tips – Beat Dry Skin & Stay Hydrated!

February 6, 2017
Winter Skincare Tips

Beat dry skin and stay hydrated in the cold weather! 

Hydration is one of the most talked about topics in the health and beauty industry. And for good reason, it’s SO important! However, I do think it gets ignored a bit in the colder months. It’s much easier to chat about drinking water in Summer, when everyone’s out in the heat and needs to cool down with a cold glass.

It’s just as important to keep your hydration levels up in Winter, to boost your immune system, aid digestion and keep your skin supple and glowing. Here are my tips to stay hydrated inside AND outside…

  • Hot Tea

Tea is a great way to hydrate in Winter time, as you’re still taking in lots of water just in a different form. If you’re concerned about caffeine, opt for herbal, caffeine free varieties – my favourites are Peppermint and Lemon & Ginger. As a bonus, they really help with digestion and can beat bloating – so enjoy a cup after dinner.

  • No Makeup Pamper Days

The cold weather is the perfect excuse to stay in and have a lazy day. Going makeup free at least one day a week is great for your skin, and allows you to wear your heavier, more moisturising products all day long for extra hydration. Pop on a hydrating face mask beforehand for even better results.

  • Enjoy Water-Rich Foods

Not only do we get hydrated through drinks, there’s actually a lot of water in fresh fruits and veggies. Ever noticed how refreshing eating a juicy apple is? That’s because not only is it yummy, it’s also full of natural juice and vitamins that instantly hydrate the body. Amazing stuff! So enjoy your favourite Winter comfort food, but don’t forget to include a few servings of raw fruits and veggies in your diet. I find snacking on fruits or vegetable crudités an easy way.

  • Facial Oil Is Your Friend

This is a great time to introduce a facial oil into your routine if you haven’t already. Plant oils are fantastic for plumping and softening dry skin, and a great way to heal and repair the skin if it’s already become dry or dehydrated. Most skincare brands offer them, from cheaper brands in Boots to luxury brands in John Lewis and Debenhams. Apply overnight instead of your usual moisturiser, or massage a couple drops into the skin underneath for an extra boost.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

My favourite skincare ingredient for dry and dehydrated skin. I’m hardly a skincare scientist myself, but in plain English, this stuff helps retain the levels of moisture in your skin and protects your skin from environmental factors that can dry it out, like central heating and icy wind. It’s an essential for me in Winter skincare, so look out for it on ingredients lists when you’re shopping!

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